A-1 Cleaning is a long established cleaning company covering every corner of Suffolk County. Suffolk Country is the largest of Long Islands four counties and located on the eastern end of Long Island. 

Suffolk County is highly populated (over 1.5 million people) and is also home to major universities such as Stony Brook University and Farmingdale State College. With such rich and varied industries comes many specific cleaning requirements – that’s where we come in

Hauppauge County Industrial Park 

Hauppauge County Industrial Park, also known as the “Beacon of the East,” is a 1,000-acre land is industrial park and home to 1,650 companies one of which being Coca-Cola’s bottling company. Hauppauge County Industrial Park employs approximately 55,000 people from its surrounding area. 

Even though this site is the largest in the Northeast, it’s set to be made even bigger. HIA-LI President and CEO Terri Alessi-Miceli announced that “The Opportunity Analysis lays out achievable and substantial strategies for economic growth. This comprehensive roadmap provides our region with the building blocks needed to strengthen, expand and attract key industry clusters that will push our innovative economy to the next level.” 

A-1 Cleaning already provides extensive commercial cleaning services for businesses within this major industrial estate. 


Stony Brook Research and Development Park 

The research and development park at Stony Brook University sits on 246 acres and is one of the most renowned research facilities to attend. Students here are supported by industry researchers. 

The collaboration between industry and academic research, comes the need for specific, and bespoke cleaning and maintenance services. A-1 Cleaning has extensive experience with medical, clean-room and specialist research and industrial environments. 


Established Commercial Cleaners covering Suffolk County

Just being a reliable company isn’t enough – we’re reliable, and we’re the best at what we do. We have been established since 1984 and have been taking care of businesses ever since. We are a family run company who knows the importance of carrying out great work, at the best prices, all whilst ensuring our staff are taken care of – especially during these times. We can happily boast our low employee turnover, which guarantees you more experienced staff and in turn a better service. 

Since the pandemic started, we have reviewed and expanded our services. We’re here for each short notice law change, every new outbreak, and all your cleaning needs. Keeping your facility clean has always been important, now it could mean having staff or going broke. We are part of the mandatory vaccine program which our staff are proceeding with and being monitored on.  

We have detailed our Covid-19 resources on our website. Some of the crucial services we offer for this current climate include: 

Daytime porter disinfecting – we disinfect all high-traffic areas such as entry points, touch machines, and lavatories. Having a visible porter puts your clients and employees at ease knowing that germs are being killed regularly and effectively.  

Electrostatic spraying – perfect for objects which can’t be traditionally cleaned and disinfected (such as paper or electricals), hard to reach places, and those items which get forgotten such as pens or staplers. We spray your facility and touch points, when the liquid is coming out it is also being electrostatically charged which allows the liquid to cling to surfaces. 

To also combat germs entering your facility we recommendation:  

  • Installing sanitation stations throughout the facility. 
  • Staggering traffic flow to alleviate congestion in the building and keep people and an appropriate distance. 
  • Clear guidelines on proper use of PPE when in the facility. 
  • Screening patrons who enter facility. 
  • Limit number of vendors allowed in and out of facility. 
  • Daytime porter and nightly disinfecting to limit exposure to a large outbreak in the facility. 
  • Keeping employees/customers up to date with new cleaning measures implemented so they are not only safe with new measures, but feel safe knowing management is being proactive. 
  • Markings on floors to show safe distancing. 
  • Limiting staff times and days to alleviate congestion in facility and making social distancing easier. 
  • Regular deep cleaning is key, when everyone re-enters the facility, they feel it is clean and sterile. 


If you require the services of a specialist commercial cleaning company covering Suffolk County, then don’t delay and get in touch with us today. 

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