Commercial carpet cleaning should be affordable for every business, not a luxury. Carpets are well known to harvest, store, and grow bacteria and germs within their fibers. It is one of the best breeding grounds for germs because of the warmth and damp carpets hold, as each person walks on them, they are bringing into your facility more dirt, germs, and unknown substances. This cycle without being broken can lead to different illnesses and outbreaks, especially if a carpet isn’t treated and starts to harbor mould. What does that mean? Mould?

Much like what you wear to an interview – new and existing clients will notice your carpets as soon as they enter your facility. If your carpets are dirty, unkept, or even worse have gum stuck to them its more than likely that you won’t land that new client, your carpet has set the president that you care about your business – if you don’t make the right first impression why would they do business with you?

At A-1 Cleaning we understand what it takes to do great business. Founded in 1984, we have more than 36 years of trading in commercial janitorial cleaning services. Our commercial carpet cleaning program offers you complete flexibility whilst ensuring your carpets are refreshed and always looking their best. Some of the services we can offer you are:

  • Nightly Spot Cleaning
  • Nightly Gum Removal
  • Quarterly Shampoo of High Traffic Areas
  • Annual Shampoo of All Areas

Different floor type – no problem.

Regardless of your flooring type we can provide a cleaning service suitable for your facility under our floor care services. High traffic areas across any flooring type will start to look aged and scuffed without the proper maintenance care. All our technicians are highly trained across all types of flooring and your floors will receive a new lease of life with our floor restoration process.

Our standard floor plans consist of:

  • Weekly Machine Scrub
  • Monthly Machine Buffing
  • Quarterly Machine Scrubbing and Applying Finish
  • Annual Stripping of Old Finish
  • Annual Application of New Finish

Please keep in mind that distinct types of tiles will have different care needs, soft tiles made from porcelain are scuffed easier vs their hardier marble cousins. Depending on when your last tile care was carried out it may take our experts a little while longer at your first appointment to bring your tiles back to life.

Why choose us?

Our extensive experience and years working in the janitorial industry means we have formed close bonds with our clients and perfected employee relationships. We have an incredibly low staff turnover: meaning our employees are happy in their job and we take care of them – at A-1 Cleaning we are an extended family. Happy and experienced employees also ensures that they do their best work every day when they come to your facility. We provide services in hundreds of facilities across all industry sectors, this equates to approximately millions square feet cleaned by us every day!

We offer a no pressure free consultation across all our services. We’re open 24/7, all our services can be arranged around what works best for your business. Have an important guest at your facility from 6am? No trouble! With notice we will ensure everything is ship shape and perfect for exactly when you need it, our regular cleans can also be scheduled around or during your business hours.

We look forward to hearing from you whether that be for our commercial carpet cleaning or any of our other services. Contact us today for more information.

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