Commercial disinfecting services that truly have the power to reach every surface of your business can be hard to come by. There aren’t many established commercial cleaners who have the specialized equipment, products, and experience to handle all forms of commercial properties and have an infrastructure that reaches facilities across the tristate. In today’s climate, commercial disinfecting services are especially essential for all businesses, regardless of industry or sector. It is important to stay on top of the latest guidelines regarding Covid-19 elimination.

At A-1 Cleaning we are proud to be making a difference. We are tackling Covid-19 head-on by using EPA approved chemicals from the EPA N list for disinfectants proven to kill coronavirus in all our facilities. This kills the spread at the source and stops anyone entering your facility from getting it through your front door.

Benefits of consistent disinfecting

The surface of any item or material will hold germs, bacteria, and viruses, and depending on whether the material is known as “porous” or “non-porous” will also determine how well it cleans and how long viruses and bacteria can live on it.

Porous materials have small to large holes within the surface (wood, sponges, textiles, rubber…), these holes cause an airflow throughout the product which makes it harder for viruses and bacteria to “stick to.”  They are also more absorbent so can hold disinfectants better. Non-porous materials have no holes which means no airflow circulation (metals, plastic, marble…), these materials are also less absorbent to any vapours or liquids.

When both porous and non-porous surfaces were tested against each other for information on how long Covid-19 could be found on a surface the results were interesting. On a porous surface, the virus could only be detected for minutes to a couple of hours. However, on non-porous surfaces, it was detected up to 72 hours (3-days) later.

A lot of non-porous materials are used in buildings, offices, and warehouses which your staff and clients must touch in order to access the facilities. This could be a doorbell, doorhandle, pen to sign in, and many more items along the way to enable them to get to where they need to be.

Disinfecting around you

We have commercial disinfecting services options for every type of facility and business. One of our top commercial disinfecting services is Electrostatic spraying.

Electrostatic spraying uses 100% environmentally friendly chemicals which are CDC approved disinfectants. They have been proven to kill germs containing but not limited to: influenza, MRSA, and Human Coronavirus. At your request, we can provide an efficacy report where you can view the full list of our chemicals that are scientifically proven to combat. Electrostatic spraying can be used in any environment or facility. The microscopic droplets are statically charged which causes them to “cling” to normally unreachable areas, this product is also safe to use around paper and will not harm any of your electronics or stationery – meaning that you don’t even need to empty out your facility before we attend, and simply everything will be disinfected.

One of our many happy clients said this about their experience of Electrostatic Disinfecting their warehouse premises to implement the latest Covid-19 guidelines:

“First of all, thanks for your quick action. Your team was extremely professional. Reacting to this quickly allows us to ease the tension of our staff, as health and safety is our number 1 priority. Extra benefits allow us to continue to service our customers and help maintain our essential responsibilities.”

A-1 Cleaning: The best commercial cleaner in New York & New Jersey

Founded in 1984, A-1 Cleaning has been providing janitorial cleaning and associated services for over 36 years. As a family-owned and operated company, we provide facility solutions to hundreds of clients and service millions of square feet of space on a daily basis.

Our responsiveness to customer requests, quality cleaning, and cost-effectiveness is what sets us aside from our competition.

As well as commercial disinfecting services, some of our other services include:

  • Nightly Cleaning
  • Recycling
  • Day Porter/Matron
  • Floor Care Maintenance
  • Carpet Care Program
  • Consumable Restroom Supplies
  • Weekend Service
  • High Dusting
  • Detail Vacuuming
  • Detailed Dusting


Each service can be discussed and modified to suit your and your business needs. Including our Day Porter services, should you need a porter 24 hours a day, or for a couple of hours a day, we can help. Porters can carry out a wide number of tasks depending on what exactly you would like, from policing lavatories to waitressing board meetings.

To ensure your business gets the best commercial cleaners contact us today for a free consultation.

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