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Frequently asked questions

Yes we do this is a key feature of our business! We provide part time or full time day porters on a daily basis to clean up mid-day and maintain your facilities condition. This service can be scheduled daily or on an as needed basis only. You know your facility best let us know what you need!

We provide daily and nightly cleaning, carpet cleaning, disinfecting services, floor care, construction cleaning, day matron services, window cleaning service and much more!

We service an array of industries including but not limited to Office, Industrial, Healthcare, Athletic facilities, retail and much more!  If it’s a business we service it!

We’re fully insured and bonded and will send certificates at your request. It is important to work with insured and bonded companies to make sure you protect your valued assets.

Give us a call or fill out a request an estimate form. A cleaning specialist will come to your facility, listen and asses your needs in the facility.We prepare a customized quote that is tailored to your specific needs. Once agreed upon we will have a set schedule to access and service your facility!