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Disinfecting Services

Electrostatic spraying is the answer!

A-1 Cleaning professionals come in and spray every inch of your facility with Electrostatic CDC approved disinfectants. This will ensure to kill all viruses and bacteria living on hard to clean surfaces. Some of the germs in which this disinfectant kills are influenza, MRSA, Human Coronavirus and more.

Key Features

  Disinfecting services, customized to your needs
  100% environmentally friendly chemicals
  CDC approved sanitizing/disinfecting methods
  Trustworthy, reliable and timely cleaning services

    Why is it better than traditional spray and wipe disinfecting?
Traditional spray and wipe of surfaces could cause cross contamination from one surface to another. With Electrostatic spraying, the molecules are electro-statically charged causing them to wrap around each surface making sure all exteriors are evenly coated and disinfected.

    Do we use CDC approved chemicals?
Yes! Our chemicals adhere to all CDC guidelines. (In addition, we can provide an efficiency report upon request. This will give you the exact list of viruses and bacteria our chemicals are scientifically proven to kill).

    Is it safe to use on electronics and paper?
Yes! The droplets are microscopic. The disinfectant releases as a mist and is designed to not affect or harm electronics, papers or topical desk essentials.

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