Commercial floor care services shouldn’t be thought of in the same way as to how you think about cleaning the floors in your home. How many people walk through your facility every day? 50, 100, more? High-traffic areas suffer constantly because of footfall, not only does this cause scuff marks and dirt but asks the question; what else are people bringing in? There are the things we know about: dirt, mud, the odd piece of paper, gum…all this combined ruin your floors, and will affect your floors in different ways depending on what flooring material you have.

Different flooring types

In most office entrances the flooring tends to be made with a natural stone, this gives the presence of grandeur when walking into the building. Most natural flooring tiles are carefully selected to withstand high count footfall, but it does require high maintenance to keep the glow and keep scuff marks and dirt lines out of sight and to create a great first impression for staff and visitors to your facility.

Artificial wooden floors or vinyl floors are a common product used throughout organizations. This is because both of these materials have a high footfall tolerance. However, the correct maintenance is still required, for instance, vinyl floors will become stripped if harsh chemicals are used on them.

Some buildings opt to have a shallow carpet in the lobby, the carpet acts as an under-shoe cleaner collecting the worst particles before clients and employees enter the rest of the building, also carpets “hide” dirt better within their fibers. Whilst they can hide the dirt, they can also start to smell as they trap the dirt and – dust. Regular effective maintenance is best for carpets and built-in doormats.

Concrete or rubber matt floors are commonly found in warehouses, depots, and outside courtyards. These types of flooring have the absolute highest tolerance for wear and tear and do require a lot less maintenance – although they require less maintenance, it’s best to keep them maintained to avoid damages.

Whichever flooring type you have (we are not limited to the above materials), we have a commercial floor care solution. Our floor restoration process is available across a whole spectrum of different flooring tile types and industry sectors, our highly trained professionals will bring your flooring a new lease of life.

Available floor care plans

Our typical floor plans can be arranged depending exactly on how often you would like your floors cleaned, and at times to suit your organization’s needs.

  • Weekly Machine Scrub
  • Monthly Machine Buffing
  • Quarterly Machine Scrubbing and Applying Finish
  • Annual Stripping of Old Finish
  • Annual Application of New Finish

For our extensive carpet care programs, we do recommend that carpet cleaning is carried out when your facility is empty so that the carpets can be washed and dried out before they are stepped on again. Regular cleaning your carpets will avoid building up any smells, washing your carpets also removes deep stains and dirt that vacuuming alone cannot tackle.

Depending on your carpet manufacturer’s recommendations we offer the following carpet cleaning solutions:

  • Nightly Spot Cleaning
  • Nightly Gum Removal
  • Quarterly Shampoo of High Traffic Areas
  • Annual Shampoo of All Areas

Outside flooring at warehouses and construction sites also need cleaning, we remove the dust and debris from the surrounding area with our power washing service. Power washing is the use of high-pressure water to clean a variety of surfaces and materials.

Our power washers are suitable for:

  • Sidewalks
  • Building Exteriors
  • Garage floors/walls
  • Patios
  • Parking Lots
  • Fences


Contact us

Whatever your floor type we have the solution. You can reach us by phone, our website contact page, or via email. We offer commercial cleaning services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bacteria and dirt don’t just appear during office hours, and neither do we.

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