COVID-19 Resources

Covid - 19 Resources

A-1 Cleaning is proud to be making a difference in the fight against Covid-19.  We are currently using EPA approved chemicals off of the EPA N list for disinfectants proven to kill coronavirus in all our facilities.  All A-1 staff, is wearing proper PPE in all facilities we service on a daily basis, and we are offering free plans and protocols for facility managers on how to handle outbreaks. 

We are focusing on solutions related to disinfecting, and sanitation.  Ensuring our employees,  customers, and partners safety during this time is our top priority.  Our goal is to help everyone get through this difficult time in any way we can.

What services do we recommend for you?

Electrostatic spraying services

This is one of the most highly effective disinfecting services we can perform.

We come in on a nightly or weekly with electrostatic sprayers and spray your facilities high traffic areas and touch points and as the disinfecting liquid comes out of the gun it is electrostatically charged which lets the liquid cling to surfaces and wrap around the negative charged surfaces getting everything clean more than just spraying and wiping could.

It is ideal for objects especially that cannot be cleaned on a nightly basis by hand like pens desk items paper clips etc.  We are currently performing this at other facilities regularly, such as office buildings, public transit hubs, athletic facilities, and medical offices; however this application is being used in a wide variety from airplanes, vehicle interiors, schools, and much more.






Daytime porter disinfecting

This is the absolute best services you can add in addition to nightly cleaning to combat Covid-19.

The reason being is that Coronavirus is transported from person to person.  With that being said; although we may disinfect your facility nightly with high tech machines if someone contagious comes in while your facility is open all the disinfecting in the nighttime is relatively ineffective.  That is why having a visible porter that cleans the restrooms and common area touch points daily is key in stopping the spread.  This service is great to keep patrons of your facility safe, lower liabilities, and puts patrons at ease as they can visibly see that your facility management is being proactive and taking the appropriate steps to keep them safe.








Products we can provide you with for re-opening:

Sanitizing Stations

Help keep customers and employees safe by providing an easy way to sanitize at every entrance, lobby, and pay common area.

The San ‘N’ Serv Touchless Hand Sanitizer Floor Dispenser from Service Ideas can be filled with a liquid hand sanitizer of your choice and placed in any communal space. The battery operated motion sensor provides over 8,000 cycles of sanitary touchless dispensing.

Face Masks 

General 3 layer face mask. Pack of 50 for mouth and nose protection only, NOT for Medical Use

Hand Sanitizer

Great where hand washing is not available.  Currently sold by the gallon, great for refilling hand sanitizer stations or you can attach pump to top.

Size bottles and brands vary depending on availability*

General recommendations

  • Staggering traffic flow to alleviate congestion in the building and keep people and an appropriate distance.
  • Rules on proper PPE to enter the facility.
  • Screening patrons who enter facility.
  • Limit number of vendors allowed in and out of facility.
  • Daytime porter and nightly disinfecting to limit exposure to a large outbreak in the facility.
  • Keeping employees/customers up to date with new cleaning measures implemented so they are not only safe with new measures, but feel safe knowing management is being proactive.
  • Markings on floors to show safe distancing.
  • Limiting staff times and days to alleviate congestion in facility and making social distancing easier.
  • Having a general one time cleaning deep cleaning is key, when everyone re-enters the facility they feel it is clean and sterile.