At A-1 Cleaning, we understand the vital role that distribution center cleaning services in Long Island play in the quest for keeping facilities clean and sanitized. Distributing goods and products to a large number of people can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and other germs that can spread quickly if not managed properly. It’s essential for any high-traffic distribution center to take the necessary precautions to ensure that proper cleaning and sanitation are practiced regularly.

The importance of having high-traffic distribution centers that are clean and sanitized during the flu season is incredibly important, which is why we provide extensive cleaning and sanitation services. Our team of experienced professionals can carry out thorough deep cleans that make sure any dirt, grime, and germs are completely eradicated from distribution centers. We understand that these services need to be carried out promptly and efficiently as possible, which is why we have a fleet of mobile cleaning units ready to go.

A-1 Tailored Services.

Our distribution center cleaning services in Long Island are tailored to the needs of each facility. We can provide anything from regular maintenance cleans, sanitation treatments, and deep cleaning services. With A-1 Cleaning, you can be sure that your distribution center will remain free of germs and bacteria during even the busiest flu season.

Our disinfecting services are customized to your needs. They are 100% environmentally friendly and only use chemicals that are EPA approved. Our sanitizing/disinfecting methods are trustworthy, reliable and effective in killing bacteria and germs. They are also carried out in a timely manner to suit your needs, so you don’t have to worry about your distribution center being closed for too long. We will make sure that your high traffic distribution center is completely sanitized during this flu season.

A-1 Cleaning - Delivering electrostatic disinfecting spraying.

A-1 Cleaning has a vast array of experience and professional bespoke services dedicated to reducing the spread of allergens and viruses, but our most effective service is Electrostatic spraying. This is one of the most highly effective disinfecting services we can perform. We come in on a nightly or weekly basis with electrostatic sprayers and spray your facility’s high traffic areas and touchpoints. As the disinfecting liquid comes out of the spray gun it is electrostatically charged. This allows the liquid to cling to surfaces and wrap around negatively charged surfaces.

By controlling the number of allergens and viruses in your distribution center, you can help to improve the health of your employees and the overall working environment. When you need disinfecting services, you need them fast! A-1 Cleaning is the ‘go-to’ for electrostatic spraying and general disinfecting.

Why choose A-1 Cleaning?

A-1 Cleaning offers reliable and efficient distribution center cleaning services to keep your high traffic distribution center clean and sanitary during flu season. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing high quality service using the latest techniques and equipment. We can create a customized plan that fits your needs, whether you need regular deep cleans or specialized treatments for specific areas. Our products are safe and environmentally friendly, so you know that your health and the environment are safe with us.

Our extensive experience and pedigree in the industry make us one of the most trusted cleaning service providers in the area. We understand that during flu season, it is even more important to keep your facility clean and germ-free. With A-1 Cleaning, you can rest assured knowing that we will do everything we can to eliminate germs and bacteria from your high traffic distribution center.

With a commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction, A-1 Cleaning is the perfect choice for all your cleaning and sanitation needs. Choose A-1 Cleaning for all your distribution center cleaning services in Long Island this flu season. Get in touch today to schedule a walk-through of your facility, or book a time directly through this link.

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