A-1 Cleaning is a trusted commercial cleaning company that specializes in professional office cleaning in Long Island, including high traffic office spaces, shared buildings, and co-working environments. We understand the important need for continuous cleaning during flu seasons and offer protection from the bugs! Our goal is to provide a clean and safe environment for our customers.

What bugs could be lurking in your office or shared space?

We understand that different viruses and bacteria can exist in any environment, but especially those with high foot traffic. Frequent traffic in shared spaces, office buildings and co-working environments makes the need for commercial cleaning services a priority. Germs and bugs such as colds, the flu, norovirus and Covid variants can be easily transferred between personnel using the shared spaces.

High traffic areas are prone to collecting bacteria, dirt and allergens that can cause significant health issues if left unattended. From counters tops to door handles and from carpets to air conditioning ducts, a deep clean by an experienced professional is essential for creating a safe work environment. Investing in preventative rather than reactive measures is key to creating a healthy atmosphere for high-traffic shared spaces.

The importance of continuous cleaning during flu season.

During flu seasons, the importance of keeping a clean environment cannot be understated. Not only is it important to protect your employee’s health and minimize the risk of exposure to germs, but it is also essential for keeping your business operations running smoothly. A great way to keep shared spaces clean and sanitary is to put in place a daily or weekly professional office cleaning schedule.

This should include thorough wiping down of surfaces, vacuuming and mopping as well as regular disinfectant use in areas where there are high concentrations of people or where employees interact with equipment. Additionally, ensure that there are hand sanitizers available throughout the workspace so that everyone has easy access to them and can keep their hands clean. Taking these steps will help protect you and your employees from the flu.

A-1 Cleaning – Delivering protection from the bugs!

We offer office owners and managers an invaluable service when it comes to keeping the shared spaces clean – with services ranging from vacuuming, floor care, and dusting, all the way to intensive disinfection procedures. Whether you’re looking for regular maintenance of your workspace or need intensive decontamination, we have you covered! With our extensive experience and professional, reliable staff, you can rest assured that your shared space will always be a hygienic and comfortable place to work.

If you are looking for professional office cleaning in Long Island, from a reliable and experienced cleaning company, then look no further! We are the ideal choice for high-traffic office spaces, shared buildings, and co-working environments that need continuous cleaning services to get through flu season.

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